Who We Are

About Adam Rung Woodworks

Adam Rung Woodworks is a full service woodworking studio specializing in fine custom furniture and cabinetry. We are committed to creating works that are both beautiful and earth friendly. In addition to working with private clients, we regularly work with architects and interior designers on a wide variety of projects. We offer artfully designed furniture, built-ins, kitchens, vanities, and millwork.

Meet Adam Rung

My love of woodworking began at an early age. My parents joke that I nailed together my first table (with my dad’s assistance) at the age of 4. By eight years old, he kept watchful eye over me while I turned trinkets on the lathe. I could have gone another direction, but I was hooked.

Throughout my childhood my parents operated a Shaker furniture business in Chambersburg, PA. As I grew older so did my appreciation for the beauty of wood and the craft of woodworking. My career began at the age of 18 under the direction of my father. The next 6-years were spent learning and refining my skills.

In 2002, I opened Adam Rung Woodworks. Since then, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to create over a decade’s worth of work for my clients. I’ve progressed far beyond Shaker, but many of the design aspects have stayed with me. I have strived to create a diverse portfolio that draws directly from traditional, contemporary, and organic furniture design. I strongly believe in the importance of carrying on the tradition of handmade furniture in America, and I look forward to creating works for years to come.